Iron Man 3 Oyunu

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A previous trailer for "Iron Man 3" strongly hinted that Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan wouldn’t be so happy during his third outing, possibly even dying. Is Happy’s demise what has Tony out for.

The third instalment of this Marvel adventure, ‘Iron Man 3’ is set to be the most hard-hitting of the movies so far with questions being raised less about Iron Man and more about the true Tony.

Frustrated with little :30 ‘Iron Man 3’ clips that offer tiny glimpses into the superhero action? Well, we’ve got a treat for you today: an extended, 3-minute ‘Iron Man 3’ clip that highlights one.

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If anything has a chance of unseating Iron Man 3 as the movie of the summer, it’s Man of Steel, says Jeff Bock, senior box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations. While it will have more.

I was looking for some Iron Man 3 spoilers and came accross this forum posts that talks about some inside news so have a look.

I am not posting all of them but some are the interesting.

Iron Man 3: The Official Game - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - CRIMSON DYNAMO (iOS, Android)‘Iron Man 3′ Releases New Pictures of Iron Man Fighting and Relaxing – At least that seems to be what Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark is doing in the picture above, in one of three news stills released for the upcoming movie ‘Iron Man 3.’ And here they are.

Who will distribute Marvel’s next “Iron Man” installment? Will there even be an “Iron Man 3”? With the second leg of the highly successful franchise opening to $128.1 million in the U.S.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previews ‘Iron Man 3’ for MTV News: ‘Robert Downey Jr. gave his all to this performance.’ "Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist." That’s how Tony Stark.