Skype On A Chromebook

My HP Chromebook 13 G1 installs Google Play only in Developer Channel mode. I was, for example, able to install the Android versions of Skype, Nest’s Dropcam, and Audubon Birds of North America.

When Google unveiled its new Chromebook Pixel at a San Francisco press event last week.

Well, a couple of things in the brief time I’ve had with the machine: I wanted to make a Skype call to my.

HP Reveals Android-Powered SlateBook 14, Which Looks Like A More Capable Chromebook – You could, for example, conceivably run Skype on this thing, which is not something you can do on a Chromebook even now, despite many years of me wanting that to happen really hard. The laptop is.

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Skype for Linux Alpha is based on the Skype for Web website, which Chromebook users can now use for voice calls. It works in web browsers on Linux, too. However, Microsoft isn’t just shrugging.

A Day Without Native Apps: My Chromebook Experiment – We have an editorial meeting every morning – voice, not video – and I had to take the Skype call on my iPhone. Strike 1 against the Chromebook, perhaps, but not an insurmountable problem.

Skype for Web already offered solid text-messaging support for Chromebook users. This new feature is a boon to Chromebook users who place Skype calls and Linux users who are sick of Microsoft’s.

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You can also get around some limitations by running Android apps on a Chromebook. I’ve been doing that on my old Pixel since September; Skype is a key title that I converted for use on Chrome OS.

These are the standard business productivity tools, so their omission matters greatly for business Chromebook use. Interestingly, Microsoft’s collaboration apps — Outlook, OneDrive, Skype for.