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AMAZON has made an audacious move to bring the fight to Google with the announcement of Amazon Underground, a revamp of its Android all-in-one app offering free downloads of paid apps on a.

Could it be true? Amazon has is digging deep with its launch of a new app store called “Amazon Underground.” Amazon’s pledge is to provide Android consumers with a compendium of top apps that are 100%.

Now, the company is getting rid of that, replacing it with Amazon Underground. This now gives users tons of paid apps and games for free. Like most of Amazon’s Android offerings, you can’t get.

Amazon launches potential solution to the problem of in-app purchases – SEATTLE, Aug. 29 (UPI) –Washington-based retailer recently announced Amazon Underground, an app marketplace that promises to provide $10,000 in apps, games and in-app purchases for free.

View photos The real Amazon Underground app, left, has a slightly different file name (Amazon_App.apk), is much larger than the fake one (35 MB vs 130 KB), and isn’t found on a site ending with.

how to download amazon underground app( in english )Amazon Underground: invading Google’s Android once again – Amazon aims to invade Google’s Android OS with their own collection of apps and games from the Amazon App Store. Inside the Amazon Underground app, Amazon suggests they’ll be bringing.

Amazon’s new Underground service is a new type of App.

In a nutshell, there are $10,000 worth of apps and even in-app purchases available to customers to use. Developers will be paid.

Well, in a sense. Amazon Underground is an app for Android smartphones that offers a catalogue of apps and games with their in-app purchases all reduced to zero. Users can still “buy” virtual.