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With the wage gap, women feel they can’t support themselves when they get old, which is why they naturally want to find a man.

With eight minutes left, South Korea are camped in front of the Sweden goal, but so far, Granqvist and the Swedish defense have held firm.

“The world changed when Donald Trump got elected,” Ms. Warren said, citing the Women’s March and the electoral success of women candidates across the country.

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The spread of the pneumonialike illness to two other cities comes ahead of the Lunar New Year, when hundreds of millions will.

Biden told a teenager to ‘come back and visit.’ 47 years later, she did. – Maxine Goldstein still has the photo she took with Joe Biden in 1973. This weekend, she traveled 350 miles to see him in Iowa.

Bigolive#thailand//Sexy Girl[ep58] 18+North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit: Highlights – The leaders of North Korea and South Korea met today for the first time in over a decade. Here are the highlights from the summit: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korea’s President Moon.

Season 18 returns Thursday night, promising even more drama. Among the remaining designers, Portland’s Dayoung Kim has shown.

South Korea confirmed its fourth case Monday.

The 62-year-old physician was hospitalized on Jan. 18 and died a week later.